Monday, April 30, 2012

Chicago International 2012 By Bridget McCarty

I'm back home from a wonderful Chicago show this year (2012). I must say it was my best show yet and I'm very surprised about how much merchandise I sold. Leni, the shows organizer, had sent over Miniature Collector to photograph a wonderful scene I brought. I'm excited to see the Chicago show report in Miniature Collector next month. Here is a photo of myself with Laura Montgomery of Milestone Miniatures.

              Below you will see some great items that sold quickly. That was my table on opening night.

The "Orange" room was quite large and had many collectors on opening day.

                           Below is a photo of a wonderful castle at the entrance hall of the convention.
                           Laura Crain stands next to it to show the scale.
                             Below is a shot of Karl Blindheims wonderful animals. He is so talented!
                                        Below is a shot of my table with items still on it!  This was a few minutes before opening hours.
                                  Here is a group of us on the last night after the show closed. We like to hang out and chat in the lobby. Laura Crain is on the right in a white jacket. She is the creator of Dollhouseland.
               Thank you for reading and I will see you again soon. Check back for my update of the Texas Miniature Showcase this month. I leave this Thursday to Dallas. I need to get back to creating until then! Mini Hugs!


  1. Bridget, Your space looked wonderful! I am so happy to hear that the show was a success for you! It isn't any wonder that you did so well! your animals are all so incredible! I hear that the show was really good for a lot of the dealers! Looks like there is a great turn around with the economy and people are feeling better about spending!! Lucky for all of us!!

  2. Me ha encantado ver todas las fotos, tu stand se ve precioso.
    Me alegro de que todo haya ido bien.
    besitos ascension

  3. Yes, Patty. Things are looking up.
    Thank you!! =-)

    Gracias, Ascension!