Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Miniatures for 2013 Shows

                          Hello everyone. Here is a new post with a few of my new items for 2013.

                                      Anne Bronte's dog named Flossie. See him bottom right.

                                        A custom Morkie for a best friend. Her mom loves frogs.

                                                 A baby Siamese miniature cat doll.

                                             A vintage ladies room with many of my pets. I created the scene and most                            items. Some I've bought like the dresses.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Philadelphia Miniaturia 2012- Excellent Show!

Hi friends and collectors! Philadelphia Miniaturia was a great show this past November. Even though there was a storm in the area, the winds were calm in Cherry Hill, NJ. Enjoy these photos of the show. =-)

                                                                 Laura and Patricia.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Next Stop, Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures!

I will be selling at the Good Sam Showcase of Miniatures show this October. Here is the link

Check the dealer list- it's fantastic! It's the largest miniature convention in the west, from what I've heard.

Hope to see all of you that can make it. (San Jose, CA).

                                               Enjoy this new scene I created with my characters.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Alice in Wonderland Dolls By Bridget McCarty

Hello friends!
I've been extremely busy finishing orders these past few weeks.
Characters and animals-such as lazy monkeys!
                                    I added some of my animals to a pretty garden I bought in Texas.

And finally, a gorgeous scene I created, along with the characters that I made as well.
Please enjoy these and visit me at my next show.  
This July,Tom Bishop show in Fullerton, CA.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Chicago International 2012 By Bridget McCarty

I'm back home from a wonderful Chicago show this year (2012). I must say it was my best show yet and I'm very surprised about how much merchandise I sold. Leni, the shows organizer, had sent over Miniature Collector to photograph a wonderful scene I brought. I'm excited to see the Chicago show report in Miniature Collector next month. Here is a photo of myself with Laura Montgomery of Milestone Miniatures.

              Below you will see some great items that sold quickly. That was my table on opening night.

The "Orange" room was quite large and had many collectors on opening day.

                           Below is a photo of a wonderful castle at the entrance hall of the convention.
                           Laura Crain stands next to it to show the scale.
                             Below is a shot of Karl Blindheims wonderful animals. He is so talented!
                                        Below is a shot of my table with items still on it!  This was a few minutes before opening hours.
                                  Here is a group of us on the last night after the show closed. We like to hang out and chat in the lobby. Laura Crain is on the right in a white jacket. She is the creator of Dollhouseland.
               Thank you for reading and I will see you again soon. Check back for my update of the Texas Miniature Showcase this month. I leave this Thursday to Dallas. I need to get back to creating until then! Mini Hugs!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Meerkat Collectible Figures By Bridget McCarty

Welcome, friends. It's been a productive past few weeks as I prepare a menagerie of miniature animals. My latest creation is this adorable scene of Meerkats on a real twisted log base. They are created in 1" scale and each measure about 1.5" tall.
Tom Bishops Chicago International show is next week. I am very excited to be there for a second year in a row. Last year I was accepted last minute so I didn't get a chance to prepare as much as I wanted to. This year will be an exciting experience. I am fully stocked and with new a exciting pieces. Please come by my table and have a look . =-)  More info on the show

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Alice in Wonderland Items & Chihuahuas By Bridget McCarty

It's been a great few weeks with all of the new miniature creations. I finally got around to finishing the Mexican kitchen and adding the "three amigos" chihuahuas. Notice they are barking at the lazy cat on the counter.

Next, I have finished my miniature white rabbit and Cheshire cat based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. I think they turned out as cute as can be. Each one has been hand made from scratch. The rabbits outfit is made with beautiful gold tones and velvety red hearts (hand cut).
Finally, here is an order I made for a collector of an Impala head. I bought a figure of an Impala and cut the head off. This piece was not made from scratch but a very careful application of artificial fur was added for a  realistic look. The collector was very happy with the final product.

Now it's time to get back to work on the new items for Tom Bishop's, Chicago International next month.!! See you there!! =-)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Brand New Farm Animals by Bridget McCarty Miniature Pets

Some great new EBAY items!

I love what spring and Easter bring.

Today, I finished new yorkies in sweaters for Chicago International (
I already have two stores wanting to buy some so I hope I have some left for april. Chicago is going to be very busy for me so I've also decided to bring a helper this time. The crowds can get quite large and three rows deep.
I also started on some maltese and flocked sheep figures. These sheep are figures that I buy and
cover in soft fuzzy material. Below you will see the chicken as a figure I bought as well.
Normally, I hand make all of my figures but there are times I buy the bodies. My auctions will state the difference. The duck and chickens are made from scratch.

                                 This large chicken is a figure, in brown, I bought and covered in feathers.

                                                      Hand made chics and basket by Bridget.

                       My good friend, Ladybug, made this bench and I made the hedgehog from scratch.

                                                        A husky puppy I made from scratch.

                                                                  Mini hugs out there!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

More New Items from Tom Bishop Show January 2012

So many new and amazing items were sold at the Tom Bishop show this January. Easter and Valentines items are in fashion and collectors are very eager for one of a kind items. 

Photos of the Miniatures West show will be posted soon. The show is this weekend in Culver City, CA. has info and directions.